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June 2024 edition

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Pink Floyd The Making Of Wish You Were Here

558 June In this issue: The Troubled Making Of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here plus! Gob almighty Pete Wylie, head snapper Gered Mankowitz, metal overlords Judas Priest, goth progenitors Xmal Deutschland, songwriting supremo Jackie DeShannon, long-lost Apple Records signee Barry Greenfield, and much more…

    February 2024

The decision to reissue, re-master, and re populate  ‘BLUE SKY’ and release ‘BLUE SKY DELUXE EDITION 2024’.  

The old girl is smiling. A new coat of paint. A bit of a cuddle. And she’s singing like a Eurasian Wren.

In 1973 age 22, my real journey into music as Barry Greenfield singer/songwriter began in earnest. I had tasted approval for my art in 1968 with an offer from Apple Records and John Lennon. I passed. In 1969 I worked with 10cc and together we achieved ‘The Tony Blackburn BBC Record of the Week’ with the Phillips Records release of ‘Sweet America’. This was all a dress rehearsal for 1973 RCA and ‘BLUE SKY’.

This Barry Tale is not about 1968, 1969 or 1973. It’s to share the Story of today and the ‘BLUE SKY DELUXE EDITION REMASTERED WITH EARLY DEMOS 2024’. 

At age 22 I went to ‘school’. My teachers were the partners I used to create my first LP, ‘BLUE SKY’. You are only as strong as you weakest link. With ‘BLUE SKY’ I had no weak links. Produced by David M. Kershenbaum. Arranged by the world renowned music arranger Jimmie Haskell.  On guitar I had Larry Carlton, (Steely Dan), Joe Osborne, Bass (The Wrecking Crew), Drums, Russ Kunkel (Carole King, Joni Mitchell & James Taylor) & Jim Gordon (Derek and The Dominoes), Keys, Larry Muhoberac (Frank Sinatra). I have had wonderful feedback throughout my Musical Career from laymen, professionals, press and friends, about the music in  ‘BLUE SKY’. It has been my baby in so many ways. ‘BLUE SKY’ was never released in 1973. Copies had filtered out over the years but mostly it was invisible.  

Then a shift happened, out-of-the-plain-blue-sky. In December 2023, The Museum of Canadian Music honoured me by adding ‘BLUE SKY’ to it’s respected collection of Canadian Recordings. THE MUSEUM, the largest Music internet presence in Canada (opened in 1988) wrote,  ‘Barry Greenfield’s 1973 ‘BLUE SKY’, is one of the best Canadian albums ever recorded.  Barry Greenfield made an important contribution to Canadian music’. Here is a link to the Museum page This induction, comment, and inclusion surprised me. As previously mentioned this moment in time came out of nowhere. Left Field! Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Barry!

It woke me up. ‘BLUE SKY’ was 50.

I began taking about this with my musical business partner, Steve Holbrook. Steve is a fan of the LP. Without its surprising entry into his life, we would have never connected. The Universe always has a plan. We came to two conclusions, quickly. One, lets make ‘BLUE SKY’ the focus of the April 19th concert at the Yaletown Roundhouse; two, let’s tell the world about it’s existence. 

Paul and his old Mates, The Beatles, have created elaborate Box Sets about their Early Work. The name used was generally, ‘Deluxe Packages’. Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Graham Nash, all of ‘em have now taken this route. They remaster, repackage, and re-release their greatest, strongest, heart centred work. Steve and I thought, maybe we could, maybe we should, do that in our own small way. We began to discuss the ‘BLUE SKY DELUXE EDITION REMASTERED WITH EARLY DEMOS 2024’. 

‘BLUE SKY’ has 11 tracks. We then added two tracks from the 1974 LP ‘SANCTUARY’. We picked, ’WE WERE LETTING IT GO’ and ‘SHE’S GOING TO LIVE WITH ME’. ’WE WERE LETTING IT GO’ is a song I wrote in 1973 about a conversation that Paul and John may have had the day the Beatles got divorced. It made the final 16 in the first AMERICAN SONGWRITER COMPETITION in 1975. 61,000 entrants. ‘SHE’S GOING TO LIVE WITH ME’, is a song with a wonderful music feel, and a fabulous string arrangement by the LA based. and # 1 in the Business in 1974, David Campbell. Also famous for being Beck’s Dad. I love the 16 member string section in the song. Produced by me and Claire Lawrence of The Collectors. So, we now have track one to track thirteen nailed down.

I had Demos from 1968 available. Jamie Anstey had ‘baked’ a reel-to-reel tape for me. My first ever visit to a Vancouver Recording Studio, R and D Sound, age 17, and it had 15 songs on it. I then discussed the 15 with Jamie and Steve. Together we voted for our top 4. The ones that felt right. I made the recording as a kid. My first work on tape. We picked. ‘LINCOLN SQUARE’, ‘IS PEACE REALLY HERE’, ‘BY THE FIRE’ and ‘WITH THIS NEW GIRL’. I always thought ‘BY THE FIRE’ was the first competent song I had ever written, 1967.  ‘WITH THIS NEW GIRL’, was the song that APPLE RECORDS picked as the B-SIDE for my first single. 1968. I passed on that offer. A story for another day.

To complete the track listing I added an AUSTRALIAN for radio edit, that EMI Australian master engineer, David Hudson, has sent me as a gift, ‘FREE THE LADY’, 1968. A song about my mom, and it still has legs today. A song I have added to my April 19th set.

Steve and I thought it smart to use the original cover art with some updating. It would be called ‘BLUE SKY DELUXE EDITION REMASTERED WITH EARLY DEMOS 2024’.  Jamie did the artwork.

Next, I needed to get the original songs sounding rich, full, and louder. So, in steps the brilliant Mick Dalla-Vee. ‘We are chatting, as we sometimes do, and Mick says, ‘mind if I give it a shot Bazza?”. Mick made it ring like a Notre Dame Church Bell. What a talent he is!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I am about to share ‘BLUE SKY DELUXE EDITION REMASTERED WITH EARLY DEMOS 2024’.  I just wanted to tell you the story how it came to be. It will be dropped on February 25th, and it will be featured in my next gig. Hope we share the night filled with details, songs, and stories about it with you all. You are only as strong as you weakest link!

Available for purchase, much higher quality sound, at iTunes.

Link to steaming services.









The Museum of Canadian Music honoured Barry by adding BLUE SKY, the RCA
Hollywood LP, his first to the collection of Canadian Recordings. THE
MUSEUM, the largest Music internet presence in Canada (opened in 1988)
wrote, 'Barry Greenfield's 1973 'Blue Sky', is one of the best Canadian
albums ever recorded.  Barry Greenfield made an important contribution to
Canadian music. Here is a link to the songs, and Barry's page on the site
Barry has recently completed 'THE GATE-My Day in AUSCHWITZ.' A film
documentary that shares the emotions, the knowledge gained, and the story,
of Barry's visit to Konzentrationslager Auschwitz, 70 years after the Camps
liberation. The opus contains 5 original songs, and is narrated by Barry.
Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, printed the lyric of THE GATE
in their commertaive book for the 75th Anniversay of The Camps Liberation.


Barry released a songwriter LP, 'graceful'. One guitar, one voice, and 10
songs from the heart. 'Grace', a track from the Lp, marked the first time
that Barry and Lori have recorded together. The Duo are a staple of Barry's
Live shows. The song's video can be found on the site's Home Page




       Barry is releasing two new LP's in 2022. Both are available for purchase on iTunes/Barry Greenfield


A brief look at both: 


1. 'Barry Greenfield's My Day in AUSCHWITZ'.  This LP opens with a 33 minute song/narration about his vist to the Camp. A day spent with Lori, Macartney, Graham and their guide Bart.  Barry  uses spoken word to share his story of that day in detail. In between the narrative sits 5 original Barry songs, written about AUSCHWITZ.


The LP includes seperate uploads of the 5 songs. 


This work has been described as powerful and important by leading Global Holocaust Historians, and the lyric of one song, 'THE GATE ' was printed in a Yad Vashem commemorative book, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Camp's liberation. 


This work was two years in the making.


2. 'WATER IS THE NEW GOLD', a full catelogue of his recent work (2019-2022)  that was produced by Mick Dalla-Vee, under THE WIZARD BROTHERS umbrella. Songs as diverse as THE BEAUTIFUL BAND  (THE BEATLES),  I WISH OBAMA WAS HERE,  THE ROADIE and HANGING ON TO YOU.


Barry descibes his work with McWizard as his best since THE EARLY YEARS his landmark 1970's RCA album.    

In conclusion  as Barry enters his seventh decade he still is passionate about song writing, singing, and playing. All evidenced by these two projects from the Heart of

Barry Greenfield.  

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The following was written by Terry McMannus, Toronto, about Barry's version of She Loves You.... 

This may well be the best cover of a Beatle song ever done! OK... If there is one kind of cover that makes me cringe, (or angry), everytime it is the one where someone takes a really popular uptempo song and tries to turn it into some kind of (either) operatic or melodramatic BS.  It is one of the oldest and lousiest tricks in the music business.  When I saw that an old friend I knew in Vancouver, Barry Greenfield, had done this with She Loves You, I was ready to pounce.  But I have to say after listening to it, that Barry's nuance version, arrangement and performance, has shown me a very beautiful side of that song that I had never even imagined.  Barry delivers the vocal like an old friend who bumps into you on the street and is trying to convince you to get back together with her for both of your sakes.  I don't often come across music that I call art as well, but this is it.  Do yourself a favor and listen; it will not only introduce you to a great recording, but it will show you a side of these lyrics you never even imagined.  Congratulations Barry !!
  To view Barry's video of She Loves You, go to the Music Page.
Barry Flies to London in Autumn 2018

Adrian Woodward is an English guitar player of great renown.  A gifted producer, engineer and all round good guy. They worked together in Adrian's Turnpike Lane Studios to create "Goodbye Baby" and "Sweet America 2018".  These songs can be viewed on Barry's music page.

Barry feels this is the beginning of a long term friendship, partnership and collaborative adventure. Stay tuned......

Barry begins work on 'The Nashville Sessions'

In 2008, Barry met his Nashville Musical Partner, and Pianist, Chris Nole. Chris works with the elite in Tennessee, and is widely known for his years spent working with John Denver. The friendship, and camaraderie, continues to grow. After releasing the internationally  acclaimed "Exposed Soul" in 2010, Barry and Chris are now headed back to the Nashville studio, to explore Barry's latest art, which will be showcased at his November 18th show at the Yaletown Roundhouse. 

Barry Greenfield and his All-Star Band debut 'This Blue'  live The Roundhouse


On October 2, 2015 Barry (Vocals and Guitar)was joined by his long time collaborator, and close friend, David Sinclair (Vocals and Guitar). The Band consisted of Laurence Mollerup (Stand up Bass), Elliot Polsky (Percussion), and Bob Buckley (Woodwind) who completed the unit. The two hour set, at The Roundhouse, was the live debut of the 'This Blue' Album, Barry's 10th cd. The night began with a rollicking, and well recieved 'The River is One' and ended with Barry's classic 'New York is Closed Tonight.' The joyous sing along resulted in two standing ovations. 


Some Feedback from the Audience: 


"My friend, what a performance last night!  I've seen you play with passion and feeling before, but the burbling emotion underlying certain songs was never as visible as it was last night.  “This Blue”, in particular, reached out and brought us all into your vehicle with you as you drove through the boroughs of disintegrated love and despair. Unburdened by guitar, you reached depths, but you also shared the heights that accompany family and friendship and this touched us all. Before the show, I wondered if your playing with a backing band would distance you somehow from the spirit behind the songs, but clearly it freed you to really tap into the fertile place from which the words sprang and permitted you to re-express it for us....Live.  The entire show contained everything I enjoy about the live music experience.  It was performed by talented musicians, it told a story (or stories) and it was intimate. Thanks so much."


"Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible musical talent, entertaining and insightful stories, and most importantly, your heart.  Barry, your voice has never sounded better, clear and bold as if coming from the depths of your soul.  Beautiful! Thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to share your intimate stories of love, friendship and family. 

It was a privilege to witness a group so committed to perfecting their craft."


"I really enjoyed the concert, and the band and musicianship was quite fabulous overall. The new songs you`ve written are really great, and I think it`s exciting to see that
You have grown even more and gotten even better as a songwriter than I thought possible, as you were always a great songwriter anyways. I can honestly say this was your best concert!

You were alive, vibrant, animated and so wonderfully Barry"

Barry featured in The Province


Barry Greenfield’s search for a sympathetic accompanist might be over. David Sinclair gets equal billing on Greenfield’s new album This Blue, which mostly has a hushed intimacy provided by his almost whispered vocals and the textures of Sinclair’s various guitar settings.

The album gets playful on Manchester and there are echoes of Eight Miles High in The Man Who Isn’t There. They’ll be at the Roundhouse with a full band on Oct 2. The admission entitles the buyer to a This Blue.

Barry performed at Ironwood Stage in Calgary, AB


On September 7th, 2015 Barry played a solo show at the Ironwood Stage, in Calgary, Alberta. He shared the stage with Lowell Friesen for a night filled with joy and original music. Barry played a 100 minute, 14 song set to a wonderful Alberta crowd. The sound, handled by Toby (from Frankfurt, Germany) made this a very special evening.

Barry releases new album 'This Blue'

In the Summer of 2015, Barry had 20 songs that he had written and was ready to create his 10th album. He approached his best musical buddy, David Sinclair (Sarah McLaughin), whom he'd  been working with since 1973. Together, the two spent the remainder of the summer recording the songs and crafting what would become 'This Blue'.


With the 10 best songs in hand, the two turned to their old friend and renowned engineer, Bill Buckingham, and together the three seasoned professionals perfected the sound and the ideas that had began on Barry's Gurian guitar. Featuring Bob Buckley on orchestration and clarinet, the brilliant Elliot Polsky on unique percussion, and the collective genius of the group - 'This Blue' is the strongest musical release of Barry's 45 year career. Buy it today on iTunes.

Want to write about Barry? Contact him here

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