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Perhaps best known for his Number 1 Single, 'New York is Closed Tonight' (which went on to be the most-played song on Canadian radio in 1972), Barry Greenfield's talents span from singer/songwriter to financial planner to father. Throughout his 45 year musical career, he has never stopped writing or performing, and continues to partner with some of the industry's best musical talents to this day. 

It was May 1968 when John Lennon and Paul McCartney visited the NBC Tonight Show. They had a reason: tonight they would announce the arrival of the Beatles’ record label to North America.


“Come to London! Come to Apple,” suggested the Liverpool duo. Well, one kid was listening, and the next day Barry flew from Vancouver to the UK, and went to 3 Saville Row and Apple Records.


With luck in his favour, Barry had the priviledge of meeting John Lennon himself. He was told that his songs were special. Barry called his mom that night from a London payphone to share his joy at the reaction from Apple. These meetings led to his first “covers”: two early songs, 'With This New Girl' and 'Love is For the Young and Old'. Barry was offered a recording contract by EMI, but refused. He felt that stardom was not a journey he wanted to apply for, and he happily returned to Vancouver and headed for Law School. But soon the siren, music, called again.


Back in Manchester in early 1970, 19-year-old, Barry, met Harvey Lisberg, the Manager of 10cc, Herman’s Hermits, and Andrew Lloyd Weber among others. Barry's first single was produced by Graham Gouldman (the composer of 'Bus Stop', 'Heart Full of Soul' and 'I'm Not In Love'), and recorded with 10cc. It became Tony Blackburn's BBC Record of the Week. Each morning at 8am, that week in October, the BBC trumpets would play to introduce Barry to the British audience. Quite an honour for the young Canadian songwriter.


In 1972 Barry wrote and recorded 'New York is Closed Tonight'. This recording proved to be the first of three # 1 singles for Barry in a brief 18-month period. 'New York is Closed Tonight' won 1972 Certificate of Honour for Canadian Music and was the most played song on Canadian radio in 1972.


In 1973, the US Music Machine called, and Barry flew to Hollywood to record his first LP, 'Blue Sky'. It was recorded in Los Angeles at RCA's legendary Studio B - known as the west coast recording home of Elvis Presley. Produced by the legendary David M. Kershenbaum, Barry worked with the A–list players: Jim Gordon and Russ Kunkel on drums, Larry Carlton and Dean Parks on guitars, Joe Osborne on bass, Keys Larry Knechtel, and Larry Mohoberac. It was arranged and conducted by the famous and wonderful, Jimmie Haskell. 'Blue Sky' was a masterpiece of mood and stories from Barry’s heart and soul.


From here, Barry toured for 2 years. His road mates included Supertramp, Maria Muldaur, Frank Zappa, John Lee Hooker, Steve Martin, Cheech and Chong, Mose Allison, John Hartford, the Pointer Sisters, Chilliwack, Susan Jacks and many others who became friends and comrades. David Sinclair became Barry’s guitar partner on many of these road dates, and to this day (30 years on) they still make good music together.


Barry's second album came about in 1974. Entitled 'Sanctuary', it too charted well in Canada. It gave Barry two # 1 songs, and many more miles playing to friends everywhere, growing a deep fan base in Canada. A year later, and without warning to his label and associates in the music business, Barry surprised everyone by announcing his decision to leave the music business, to become a player in the world of finance. He still smiles about that day when asked, "Why?"


The last 25 years have seen Barry build a successful financial planning business and raise a family. During this period the song writing never slowed or stopped.

Barry wrote more than a dozen cover songs, including songs recorded by Garden Oddessy (UK), Graham Gouldman, Tom Middleton, Annette Ducharme (Canada), The Cascades, The Hudson Brothers (USA), and two songs by Juno Hall of Fame artist, Buffy St. Marie. Buffy called her 1988 ABC/Dunhill Album after a Greenfield track, "Sweet America".


Barry has released 6 critically approved CDs of his compositions since 1999. 'Cold Water Cure' won the A and B Sound “Best Independent CD Award in 1999”. 'King Of The Wolves' was his political CD. One track from this 2001 CD, 'Landmines', was described by Celina Tuttle, CEO of Mines Action Canada, as the best song on the topic written to date. That track has been used to promote landmine awareness worldwide.


Barry's 3rd CD followed in 2004 with love songs galore, and his 4th CD, 'Heavy Horses' (2006), was recorded with David Sinclair (Sarah McLaughlan and k.d. lang) and includes the anthem for Cancer research “Pink Ribbon”.


'Exposed Soul', recorded with the best boys in Nashville, Tennessee and as usual it’s a new step. Not country but pop, with more strong writing. In 2011 “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. In 2012 Barry remastered his 2 LP’s from the 70’s and put them on a single CD, 'The Early Years' (1973 and 1975). 2012 was also the year all 6 CD’s became available on iTunes. 


2015 and the 10th album is complete. 10 new songs about his life in his sixth decade.  'This Blue' is now available on iTunes.

In 2017 Barry returned to Nashville, where he feels most at home, and recorded The Nashville Sessions. This CD Barry lovingly calls his "piano cd", because the music is centered on the wonderful grand piano of Chris Nole (John Denver).

In 2019 "The Essentials" will arrive on iTunes. This CD will have fourteen songs compiled from previous cds, with new tracks recorded in London in the fall of 2018. 


Over 120 concerts since 1999, in places as diverse as Duncan BC, Halifax, Toronto, and London, England. 


The story continues.